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“Wide Band Gap components and systems: needs, challenges, environment risks and reliability“
 André Durier, (IRT Saint Exupery and Continental, France); Matteo Meneghini, (University of Padova, Italy); Loïc Theolier, (IMS-University of Bordeaux, France)

Scope of the workshop

Over the last years, wide bandgap semiconductors have emerged as excellent materials for the fabrication of power diodes and transistors, for application in power conversion. High switching frequency, high breakdown voltage and low switching losses are the main advantages of WBG semiconductors, that will permit to increase the efficiency of power converters beyond 99 %. Device reliability strongly depends on operating conditions, mission profile and environment.

This workshop will discuss the main aspects related to device reliability: needs, challenges, environmental risks and lifetime extrapolation.

Several speakers, including system manufacturers, end users, laboratories and academic researchers will discuss about these topics in a 3-hour workshop.

The covered topic and tentative list of invited speakers are as follows.


How to design highly reliable products: risk management, needs and requirements.

WBG systems reliability quantification and measurement: What are the best practices ?

How to guarantee high operating safety ?

Open questions on WBG reliability and future perspectives


14.40 Workshop opening, introduction

14.45 Thomas Detzel, INFINEON (20 min + Q&A)

15.10 Steve Stoffels, imec: Power GaN devices (20 min + Q&A)

15.35 Carlo De Santi, Univ. Padova (20 min + Q&A)

16:00 Cofee break

16:20 Ferdinando Iucolano, ST Microelectronic25 min + Q&A)

16:45 Michael Damman, Fraunhofer IAF (25 min + Q&A)

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